Therapies :: Children Health


Working with children and adults is exciting, challenging and enriching. It needs a wide variety of traditional and innovative therapies to best suit the needs of each unique child that visits us.

We, at Ayadi Amina, work with each child, as a team of complementary therapies such as: Physical therapy, Speech therapy (coming soon), Occupational therapy (coming soon), Nutrition, and we are looking for having more wide specialities, as soon as possible.

What can we work with your child, you might be wondering! Well, at Ayadi Amina, we will be;

:: Treating any pediatric disorder. cooongental, developmental, muscular, skeletal, etc..

:: Improving fine and gross motor skills

:: Working on balance, coordination, cognitive and sensory processing integration.

:: Providing relaxation, massage and breathing sessions.

:: In addition to serving sessions for postural problems.



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