Frequently asked questions

What happens during my first visit?

During your first visit, you should to present your referral prescription with all the documents related to your case (x-ray, medication, prescriptions, laboratory tests, etc..). The secretary will help you to fill the profile sheet, upon which the consultation and assessment with the therapist will take place.

After discussion and explanation of your case, a form should be signed by you, saying that you've had all the information about your case and treatment plan.

How should i dress?

Well, it should be a comfortable clothes, better to be more loose than tight one.

Pants and shirt will be the best choice.

How long will each treatment last?

It depends on the case and the treatment which will be provided ( physical therapy, osteopathy, Chinese treatment, or even combined treatments, etc..)

Generally, the session is a range of 45 minutes (minimum of 30min to 60min as a maximum)

Nutrition and PT sessions are for 45 minutes each.

How many visits will i need?

It depends on your prescription referred by your doctor. And it depends also on each case: Acute problems take usually more sessions than chronic ones.
Why is physiotherapy a good advice?

According to researches years ago, physical therapy is providing better healing process for the tissues and factor recovery of mechanical functions. Many techniques are more evidence based on treating lots of muscles disfunction, nervous systems, etc.. Physiotherapy helps managing pain and stress.
What does physical therapist do?

First, the physical therapist will listen to your problem and complains, assess your case and situation. Then, the treatment plan will be settled according to your needs. A following up is done at each session and advices are provided according to each case and to your life style.
It will be better that you share with your physical therapist, each detail about your daily activities so advices, and exercises would be more personalized and more effective to your case.




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