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Ayadi Amina, newborn clinic after many years of expertise. Founded in 2013 by Amina EL ZEINNI, the purpose of Ayadi Amina is to provide you with best, complete and complementary therapies in order to prevent and treat different health problems of these days.

Ayadi Amina will be assuring an integrated and cooperative work team for your general health benefit and for treating any specific acute or chronic health problem.
Our services at Ayadi Amina clinic are essentially about medical and wellness evaluation and treatment techniques such as: sports physical therapy, pain management, relaxation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, acupuncture, musculoskeletal treatments and reinforcing techniques, postural assessment and rehab., TMJ syndromes treatment, pre and post partum programs, nutrition and diet therapy, etc...

Our therapies will help you feel better quickly, easily, and affordably. Our services will address pain and get you move to return to an active life style free of pain and dysfunctions.
Our goal is to develop a comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment plan and to discuss it with you during your initial evaluation. We'll communicate with you and your doctor throughout your treatment to monitor and keep you up-to-date on your progress.

If you have any questions about choosing therapy providers, what therapy is, or how to get started, please check out our "FAQ" section, or "contact us".

Ayadi Amina, a combination of expert, care, and unique ambiance!




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